Easel on Stribling
paintings telling the story of USNA

The Art

Prints and Original Art inspired by the U.S. Naval Academy and the Fleet.

Why Paint?

There are three things that inspire me about the U.S. Naval Academy.

  1. The amazing breadth of talent in all of the midshipmen. It’s astounding how well rounded they are.

  2. The sense of family. Once a midshipman takes that oath, or tosses his cover in the air, he is part of the family. Navy parents embrace Navy parents, grads reach out for that handshake with one another. It’s a camaraderie unlike any other.

  3. The timeless nature of the place. Other than subtle context clues, paintings and photographs of midshipmen and the Yard (and the Fleet) look like they could be from any decade.

When I paint, I explore any of these three things. I think, deep down, I fell in love with the Naval Academy visually long before I even applied, and I haven’t grown tired of painting it yet. I chose the Naval Academy over art school, because I had two dreams, and one was now or never. (Although, Ill admit my vision is went quite that clear at the time). Throughout my time at the Naval Academy and into the Fleet, painting remained a priority. I coveted off time to hone my skills, study privately with prominent local artists I admired, and read. Through that process, a loose, impressionist style started to emerge. I have many more ideas I’m excited to explore!


Why Buy Art?

Why buy art? There is something about owning a piece hand created by another human that touches the soul on a transcendent level. Art is meant to inspire, invoke a feeling, and stir up a story inside the viewer. Art is a gift, and can be a wonderful source of freshness, joy, and inspiration in the place that you need it most: the safety of your own home. I also understand that it is an investment. Like any investment, I want you to feel like you have some safety in your decision. For that reason, I gladly accept returns within 30 days of purchase.


One more thing… Easel on Stribling is one of two passion projects. I love both, and split my time between the two. Check out my fine art here!