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Second Period 11"x14" Framed Original Oil Painting

Second Period 11"x14" Framed Original Oil Painting


There are so many exciting days at USNA…The pomp and circumstance of a Naval Academy graduation or Herndon climb is amazing, but there are softer moments worth celebrating, too. This 11”x14” oil painting is encased in a classic black frame, modern for contemporary design and classic enough to conform to any aesthetic. It is a beautiful addition to your home or office.

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The Dark Ages are a time at the Naval Academy not always welcomed. Following the return from wonderful time with loved ones during holiday leave, they embody the thickness of studies and military grind with the reprieve of summer still too far away. Events are sparse, visitors are few, and everyone is wearing black, which just adds to the atmosphere. But then… The snow has fallen, the sun shines for just that day- It’s illuminating Stribling as if to promise it will all be worth it, and there is something lovely about today… even if “today” does not contain a cover toss, a Herndon climb, or a ring dance.

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