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paintings telling the story of USNA



Follow along as a 2011 grad paints the story of the United States Naval Academy




The story of the U.S. Naval Academy has been told many times, through words, photographs, music, movies… but rarely is it captured through the process of mixing color and laying down paint, especially by someone who has walked (chopped) the halls herself.

Kristin (Otterson) Cronic is a 2011 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy who spent 6 years active duty before finally committing to an artistic vision she had as a plebe. In between duty, deployments, and quals, Kristin committed herself to studying painting, learning a visual language in color, edges, value, and the lovely smell of oil and pigment.

Appleseed Photography, 2017

Appleseed Photography, 2017

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Every few months, Kristin explores a facet of the experience through a series of paintings which are available for purchase (or just enjoying in the online gallery!). She lets inspiration drive the content, and approaches each series with an idea but lets the creative process dictate the outcome of paintings. Even she doesn’t know what will come next.

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