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Commissioned Artwork

Commissions -I’m currently booked through 2019! But stay tuned for a lot of really great series coming for you :)

Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me to create a one of a kind piece of art for your home! I'm thrilled to work with you to bring your vision to life through art.

 Here is what you can expect about the commission journey:

  1. To start the conversation, please read the following text and fill out the form below.

  2. My process starts with a consultation. If you live in the Jacksonville, FL area, I would love to do this in person! We can look at your space and talk about your ideas, size, and timeline. It is important to me that you are very excited to move forward with the painting. It is my goal to capture the essence of what you are looking for while speaking in my creative voice as a painter.

  3.  From that conversation, I’ll write you a proposal with a payment plan and contract. To reserve your spot, I kindly require a 30% non refundable deposit, and the remaining balance will be due upon receipt of the painting.  

  4. Once the retainer is paid, I will start the painting process! Depending on my workload, this can take up to a few weeks or even months, and I will keep you posted on my schedule (and we will of course talk about that during prelimary conversations). I’ll start by sending you rough concept sketches and from there we can work out some more details. Once I start the painting, I sometimes send a progress photo or two, but typically don’t send much until it’s mostly complete. 

  5. I’ll send you completion photos and from there you will have the opportunity to make some minor changes. Keep in mind, a lot of the decisions made in the painting were made before it even started with the end in mind, so making significant changes could result in less than desireable outcomes (so the sketches is where we can change course more easily, please don’t be shy during that phase!)

  6. Once you are thrilled with the end piece, I will store it in my studio to dry. This can take 3-8 weeks, sometimes more. Once it is dry enough to varnish, I will varnish it with Gamblin’s Gamvar varnish (removeable with Gamblin’s Gamsol if professional cleaning is ever required). It takes about 24 hours to dry, upon which I will mail to you! (If you are local, I’m happy to arrange a local pick up or delivery).

  7. The entire process from the start of the conversation to shipping typically takes 4-12 weeks, but I promise it’s worth the wait to welcome a custom made piece into your home!  It can be expedited if necessary, and one way to do that is skip the varnish (a local framer can do that for you at a later date) and ship when it’s dry to the touch, typically 1-2 weeks after completion.

  8. Your painting is forever! I take great care to ensure best practices for producing a permanent painting, including careful attention to long lasting mediums and lightfast colors. I primarily paint with Gamblin and Williamsburg Oil Colors, both excellent quality and long lasting. I offer complimentary varnishing and use Gamvar by Gamblin, which is removable with proper solvents, and protects the painting from dirt and damage. With these protocols in place, your painting will last. (a note on the lightfast pigments- they are advertised to even be able to withstand direct sunlight, however, it’s generally advised to minimize harsh sunlight as much as possible).


Pricing and Sizes

This can vary with complexity, but here are some examples of my pricing for standard sizes:

(Framing incurs an additional cost but I’d love to work with you on the perfect frame so it arrives ready to hang!)

  • 16"x20" = $530 + shipping, tax*

  • 18"x24" = $715 + shipping, tax*

  • 20"x24" = $790 + shipping, tax*

  • 24"x36" = $1425 + shipping, tax*

  • 30"x48" = $2050 + shipping, tax*

  • 36”x36” = $2150 + shipping, tax*

  • 36”x48” = $2450 + shipping, tax*

  • 48”x60” = $4750 + shipping, tax*

*Shipping: Shipping rates vary greatly by size and distance. Smaller sizes in the U.S. cost about $25 to ship, but larger sizes can require freight transit and can be around $140 in the U.S. I take great care to package and ship your painting in a way that it gets to you as quickly and safely as possible! If you are local to Jacksonville, Fl, complimentary pick up is available!

*Tax: The Man likes it when I pay him! :) for Florida residents, a 7% sales tax will be applied to cost of artwork (not including the shipping price)

**Some frames may add to the total cost depending on your selection. If you would like to frame your wrapped canvas as well, you totally can! I am happy to help you with any framing you desire.

I’d love to talk with you about a commission!

Recent Commissioned Work

For Superintendent of United States Naval Academy, 2019

For Superintendent of United States Naval Academy, 2019

ADM and Mrs. Carter (And my previous Ops!:))

ADM and Mrs. Carter (And my previous Ops!:))

2019 (for Chik Fil A Store in Orange Park, FL)

2019 (for Chik Fil A Store in Orange Park, FL)